My day job is working as the Chair of Health Systems in the School of Nursing & Human Sciences in DCU. Here you will find information about me, about my work, and a blog. By trade I am an epidemiologist – that is someone who studies why people stay healthy, and why people get sick. In an earlier life I was a paediatrician – that is a children’s doctor. I trained in Crumlin children;s Hospital and the Coombe. After doing an MSc in London, I trained in public health in Leeds. Public health works to prevent disease and sustain health.

I have worked in DCU since 2007. From 1997 to 2007 I worked in Public Health in UCD Medical School, and before that at Imperial College London, and the University of Leeds.

I now work in several diferent areas of Public Health, including child health, where I am the coordinator of the RICHE project, and health informatics, where I am seconded part-time to the System Reform Group in HSE to work on their ICT strategy.

I also serve on four boards, with support from DCU, – three state boards, the IBTS, which I chair, the Higher Education Authority, and the Health Insurance Authority, and the board of a small NGO Quality Matters, a social enterprise start-up with a focus on continuous quality improvement in the social sector.

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    Gerry was the best teacher ever – in SO many ways. The comments made by Chris so miss the point – his confusion is akin to reading a Wordsworth poem & misinterpreting it as a Sun editorial. Gerry lives on whenever I teach a class history – the inner & constant inspiration – the ultimate personification of per vias rectas.


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