My day job is working as the Chair of Health Systems in the School of Nursing & Human Sciences in DCU. Here you will find information about me, about my work, and my blog. By trade I am an epidemiologist – that is someone who studies why people stay healthy, and why people get sick. Earlier in my life I was a paediatrician – that is a children’s doctor. I trained in Crumlin Children’s Hospital and the Coombe. After doing an MSc in London, I did a PhD in epidemiology, and trained in public health in Leeds. I did my medical degree in Trinity, where I graduated in 1984.

I have worked in DCU since 2007. From 1997 to 2007 I worked in Public Health in UCD Medical School, and before that at Imperial College London, and the University of Leeds.

I now work in several different areas of Public Health, including child health, where I am the coordinator of the RICHE project, and health informatics, where I am have just finished a part-time secondment to the System Reform Group in HSE to work on their ICT strategy.

A lot of my time has been spent working on issues of public policy. For example, I worked on a review of the functions of the EPA for the Department of the Environment, a review of the health effects of electromagnetic fields (including pylons and phone masts) for the Department of the Marine, Communications and Natural resource, and on the National Blood Strategy for the IBTS and the Department of Health.

I also serve, pro bono, on four boards, with support from DCU, – three state boards, the IBTS, which I chair, the Higher Education Authority, and the Health Insurance Authority, and the board of a small NGO, Quality Matters, a social enterprise start-up with a focus on continuous quality improvement in the social sector.