UHI – More debate, less shouting

We are a group of Irish people, some academics, some policy analysts, and others, with a common interest in the development of the Irish health services. We are starting some work on future models for the services, building on the current Government proposals for
UHI. We have different views about these proposals, and different political views too. What we have in common is that we all agree that, to quote the Department of Health :-

“We must reform our health services because we are facing major challenges like scarce financial resources, an ageing population and an increase in the number of people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease”.

We do not believe that or services can be tweaked to produce effective services capable of meeting our current and future needs at an affordable cost. Substantial change is needed.

Our work will have two strands. The first is a series of public discussions, where wee will breif the audience on the current UHI proposals, and some other options. We will then seek to establish their views on the various options for restructuring the services. In parallel with this, and wiht the support of the dublin-based independent think tank Public Policy we will run a series of private (Chatham House Rule) technical meeetings, where the financial, ICT, and structural options can be explored.

Our first public meeting is on July 25th, 5pm, courtesy of Joe Mulholland and the MacGill Summer School. You can watch on the MacGill site. The brieifng and the presentation used at this session are here and here respectively.

We will present a final report with a set of options, based on experience elsewhere, and the implications of these, for the Government, and anyone else interested, to consider.

Please take part!

· equal access to healthcare based on need, not income;
· universal insurance for a standard package of health services;
· no difference between “public” and “private” patients;
· universal primary care, including GP care without fees for all;
· universal hospital care with independent, not-for-profit trusts and private hospitals

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