FIRM supported seminar on data analysis in CIT

Data analysis – ideas and tools

As part of a FIRM funded project “Mining And Modelling ; Animal Rotavirus Epidemiology” led by Dr. Helen O’Shea from CIT, we are running a one day seminar in Cork with two goals, to introduce postgradaute students to some basic ideas in data analysis, and to show how to implement these ideas using a powerful open source tool R.

Date – Friday May 30th 2014

Time – 8:30 am for 9am sharp

Place – CIT in Cork


At least a week before the seminar

  • Download R from here and RStudio from here
  • Install both on your laptop, get them both working.
  • Work through the whole of this file, preferably with a colleague. This will take about 2 hours to do. Please try to find answers to your questions as you go along, but feel free to keep more difficult questions for the seminar.

Identify a file of your data that is of interest to you. Put it into one sheet of a spreadsheet (Excel or OpenOffice) and bring it along. During the day you will work on these data. Make sure of the following :-

  • All variables are proper numbers or plain text – no spaces, funny characters or punctuation please.
  • You have a mixture of numbers and grouping variables
  • Data with a time sequence is fine, data with dates and times is not
  • All missing data items are represented by the two letters NA and nothing else – no dashes, no 999, 77, 88 or anything else.

(R can cope with all of these, but we will not have time to explain how in this session)

On the day


8:30 AMRegistration [PLEASE BE ON TIME]
9:00 AMGetting data into R
10:00 AMDescribing data in R - summaries and simple tables
10:45 AMBreak
11:00 AMDescribing data in R - using with, ddply and friends
12:00 AMDescribing data in R - simple graphs in ggplot2
1:00 PMLunch break
2:00 PMMore interesting graphs in ggplot2
3:00 PM Linear regression, and a taste of GLMs
R Training day in CIT


The seminar is free, but places are strictly limited. If you want to come you must email both Anthony Staines and Helen O’Shea

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