Principal current roles

Research outputs

Main achievements

  • I have contributed to a major programme of ICT development within the Irish health services, working closely with partners in HSE, hospitals, and the DoH.
  • Since my return to Ireland I have established a high quality research program, which has successfully competed for external funding, and received international recognition. This has included major work on leukaemia and lymphoma epidemiology, blood stock management, and other topics.
  • I have worked, pro-bono with many community groups in Ireland, assessing the health impacts of a range of proposed developments.
  • I have produced a number of major reports on important strategic issues related to public health and health services, including waste and waste management, electromagnetic fields, blood stock management, the functions of the EPA, and most recently a report on health service financing.
  • I initiated a new undergraduate degree program in Psychology in DCU.
  • I have developed a new interdisciplinary MSc. in Child Health in UCD, the first such course in Ireland, and one which has met significant local needs.
  • I have established close working links with Irish clinicians in oncology and haematology, and successfully organised and developed several large inter-hospital research projects.
  • I have made significant contributions to teaching in the School, including the adoption of new technology for teaching and the redevelopment of many of our courses, and I was the lead on teaching and learning in the school.

Main research activities

Health Services Research

RICHE (Research Inventory for Child Health in Europe)

I am the coordinator of this project. We are funded by the Commission to prepare an analysis of the current state and future needs for child health research in Europe. This project, with 23 partners from fifteen EU member states, will be key to the future development of child public health and health services research in Europe.

TACTICS (Tools to support injury prevention in childhood)

TACTICS is a large scale, multi-year initiative working to provide better information, practical tools and resources to support adoption and implementation of evidence-based good practices for the prevention of injury to children and youth in Europe. In addition, in order to make the lives of all children in Europe safer TACTICS will explore health inequalities as they relate to childhood injury and more specifically target capacity building efforts at the regional and local levels. I am responsible for the internal evaluation of this project.

Costs of Obesity and Overweight in Ireland

With Anne Dee from HSE, Ivan Perry from UCC and Frank Kee from QUB, we are preparing the first all-island estimates of the costs of obesity and overweight in Ireland.

Autism Prevalence study

With Mary Rose Sweeney, I am carrying out the first ever prevalence study of autism spectrum disorder in Ireland. We have implemented a protocol designed by the EAIS study, a project funded by the Commission to design a standardized protocol for autism prevalence studies. We are the first pilot site for this protocol.

All-Ireland Traveller Health Study – Our Geels – a national study of Traveller health and healthcare

After nearly thirty years, the Irish Government has commissioned a new study of the health of the Irish Travelling community. A group of researchers from UCD and DCU, led by Prof Cecily Kelleher and I, have designed, and are carrying out a census of the community and a complex multi-phase survey of various aspects of Traveller health, Traveller service utilisation, and service provision. We are using both qualitative and quantitative methods. In particular we have developed a highly innovative computer system which supports Traveller fieldworkers, many of whom have limited literacy skills, in collecting information on their own communities.

Insight ’07 Consumer satisfaction survey for the Irish Health Service

I secured a contract from the HSE, together with Prof. Cecily Kelleher, to carry out the first large scale survey of consumer satisfaction with the Irish Health Services.

Health Economics – Economic burden of Cancer in Ireland, Resource Allocation Model

I have received a five year programme grant from the HRB, together with the National Cancer Registry, to carry out a series of studies on the economic burden of cancer in Ireland. This programme, which will start in October 2006, will include a detailed series of studies of the burden on the services, on patients and carers, of a single type of cancer, probably colo-rectal cancer, in Ireland. It is is the largest health economics project funded to date in the Republic of Ireland.
I have won a contract to develop a resource allocation model for the health services in the Republic of Ireland. This two year contract, secured through an internationally competitive tender process, is to evaluate resource allocation in the Irish services, and develop an open and transparent model for future resource allocation.


I received a programme grant from the HRB to establish the Transfusion Research Network, Ireland. We secured this after carrying out a series of studies on transfusion practice in Ireland for the National Blood Strategy Implementation Group. The TRNI was an all-Ireland collaboration between epidemiologists, the two blood transfusion services, and practising haematologists carrying out an extensive programme of health services research on the Irish blood supply. We led research on blood stock management, and on the recipients perceptions of the risks of transfusion.

Epidemiology of Lymphomas and Lymphoid Leukaemias

The Epilymph project is a very large European multi-centre case-control study of lymphoid malignancies. It is funded by the European commission, and, in Ireland, by the Health Research Board. It is on target to accrue 3,000 cases and 3,000 controls by the end of recruitment in June 2003. I run the Irish arm of this study. I am also the Irish member of the Interlymph group, an international collaboration of lymphoma epidemiologists co-ordinated by NCI and IARC.
Epilymph includes all lymphoid malignancies using the new WHO classification. The object of the study is to analyse three proposed sets of causes for these diseases – certain viruses, notably HIV, Hep-C, HHV-8 and EBV; certain specified occupational exposures – mostly chemicals; and sunlight. As a large set of biological specimens will be collected, there will be an excellent opportunity to analyse genetic factors related to lymphoma aetiology, and researchers in the DMMC plan to work in this area, with me, and with our colleagues at the DKFZ in Heidelberg.

Epidemiology of Multiple Myeloma

My group have been asked to take on the analysis of multiple myeloma in this study, and we have developed a detailed protocol for this. Multiple myeloma is a particular problem in Ireland, where we have the highest rates in Europe. The prognosis for this disease is also poor. I am now working on a study of the genetics of myeloma, with colleagues in the DMMC. We will be concentrating on DNA repair genes, and working on two other sets of candidate genes, immune modulating genes with our colleagues in Heidelberg, and xeno-biotic metabolism genes, probably with colleagues at IARC.
I have established with other colleagues from the Epilymph and Interlymph groups, a section of Interlymph working on multiple myeloma. We have begun work on an international collaborative analysis of data from several large case-control studies of myeloma. We have secured funding for this from Irish sources, and we have made an application to NCI for additional funding.

Injury epidemiology

I established a focus on injury research shortly after returning from the UK. I work closely with Dr. Patricia Fitzpatrick, from our Department, Dr. Marie Laffoy the new Assistant Director for Population Health, and Dr. Alan Kelly who is based in Trinity. As a result the Department is the leading national centre for injury epidemiology, and is developing a growing international reputation for injury research. We have three projects under way at the moment, and a fourth just starting.
Injury in Ireland – An extensive descriptive analysis of injury data
Needle stick injury prevention – The development of a prevention program for needle stick injury in six Dublin hospitals
Head Injury – A study of the need for rehabilitation following moderate head injury
Poisoning in children – A Cochrane review, that is a systematic quantitative review, of methods for the prevention of poisoning from medications.

Other research activities

I have worked on a number of other projects, mostly where my statistical skills can contribute to the work. Examples include a complex clinical trial of exercise in pregnancy, and a study on gene expression in response to mechanical stress in rat femora, both longitudinal studies, and a cluster randomised clinical trial of shared care for diabetes. I have established a formal collaboration with the biomechanics group in RCSI, TCD and UCD. This has already resulted in several publications.

Supervision of research students

PhD students

I gave supervised eight PhD students to completion- Dr. Elaine Scallan, Dr. Suzanne Lyons, Dr Rachel Barrett, Dr. Emer O’Connell, Dr. Keith Smart, Dr. Declan Meagher, Dr. Andrew Boilson, and Dr. Joyce Magala Mpalanyi. I am supervising two other students at the moment, Mr. Finian Fallon (due 2014), and Mr. Ged Doyle, (due 2017).

Published work

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